We had the idea to make a Christmas CD back in 2000. We thought it would be fun to have Drake sing a song, say something nice, and give our family a Christmas CD of popular seasonal music. Every year we have people mention to us that they love the CD's and say they are looking forward to getting 'this years' (at this point people just assume they are getting one). We are now at the point where we make upwards of 30 CD's per year. Lately, it's becoming more difficult to find 'new' music that's good enough to keep up on our yearly tradition.

I decided to design these Annual CD pages to give the history on our Christmas CD's. I wanted to provide information about the images used, the songs that were selected, and any other story that went along with the CD for that year.

Anyone who has our CD's has noticed that we use the same music for the opening and closing tracks. Drake provides some sort of song, poem or commentary over the music. The music for those tracks actually comes from a 1998 video game called 'Santa's Workshop' from Zeek Interactive.
(If you want a copy of the game, just click the link I provided. The game is zipped up 'local' on my server.)

When we make the CD's, we only use pictures that were taken the year the CD was made. As you can see, Santa and/or Santa Jr. is on every cover with Drake. Every year since 2000 we have made it our family tradition to go down and visit Santa Jr at the National Christmas Center in Paradise, PA.

We hope you enjoy reading about our Annual CD's.
(Just click on an image below to find out more about that CD.)
Christmas 2000: Traditional ChristmasChristmas 2001: New Age ChristmasChristmas 2002: Kenny G Christmas
Christmas 2003: Rock ChristmasChristmas 2004: Funny ChristmasChristmas 2005: TV Special Christmas
Christmas 2006: Trans-Siberian ChristmasChristmas 2007: Mellow ChristmasChristmas 2008: Rock Christmas 2
Christmas 2009: Metal ChristmasChristmas 2010: Naughty ChristmasChristmas 2011: Golden Age Christmas