Christmas 2007

Mellow Christmas




Every year it's becoming harder and harder to find new material for CDs. I think part of it is the fact that we haven't been buying anything new because we generally only listen to the Christmas CDs that we make. I really don't find this CD to be very exciting, but then again, it's not supposed to be. It's a good mix of piano and acoustic tracks that help set a very mellow mood.

This year I was torn between two images for the back cover. The first image was of a cardboard Santa that had a good look for the back cover, but we really wanted to try to make the bird feeder image work. We felt that the bird feeder is more along the lines of what the music is about. I really had to play with colors, font and layout until I found a combination that looked good. I must have bounced at least 10 different 'looks' off of Angie before we finally had one that worked best. The CD Image artwork printed a little darker than expected, but it actually looks better that way.

After I finished printing 24 copies of this, I noticed that 'Vince Guaraldi Trio' was spelled 'Vice Guaraldi Trio'. So, there ended up being a typo on the 2007 artwork. I did make the fix and printed 2 copies with the corrected text.

I also printed labels that refer to the web site. I didn't finish the site until 12/23, so the labels were not in the CDs that were sent to school with Drake last week. Out of the 26 copies made, only 9 of them didn't have the label on the inside cover.

Sometime in February 2008 I noticed that 'Lorie Line' was credited as 'Lori Line'.

The concept for this CD actually started last year when we were gathering songs to make an acoustic & piano CD. But, once when we tried to arrange the songs, we were not all that happy with the overall content. Now, one year later, we found enough new artists and different tracks to make a CD that we are happy with.

The song 'Christmas Comes To Tudor Towne' is part of the soundtrack that is heard in the Tudor Towne exhibit at the National Christmas Center. Some years ago I had asked Santa Jr. for a copy of the music. At that time he gave me a CD that had the vocal and instrumental versions of the song. The version of the song used in the exhibit has a vocal track that sings about Tudor Towne. For years we have been looking for the opportunity to put this song on one of our Annual CDs. This song will not be known to any of you, but it is an important part of our Christmas season and our memory of Pennsylvania. This year we finally found a place for it. This CD also marks the first time that I blended songs together. The Tudor Towne song blends with the songs before and after it.

Everything went smooth this year. We used Memorex & Epsom photo paper, TDK CDs and the black tray liners. We also printed on Memorex CD labels and Avery address labels.

Drake says, 'The best way to spread Christmas cheer, is by singing loud for all to hear.'. Then he Sings 'Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer' while Angie does the 'call backs' to his singing. The call backs sound far away because she was taking a bath (10 feet away) and was screaming those parts while Drake sang the song. The call backs are, 'Reindeer', 'Like a light bulb', 'Saw it', 'Like a light bulb', 'Reindeer', 'Like Pinocchio', 'Rudolph', 'Like Monopoly','Loved him', 'Yipee!', 'Reindeer', 'Like the story of Abraham Lincoln'.

Drake says, 'Merry Christmas to one and all and have a very very Happy New Year.'. Then he says, 'Now instead of watching TV, go outside build a snow man.'. later in the track he says, 'Woo!' and I put it on a repeat and fade out. At the tail end of the track, Drake says, 'Yes!'.

CD MP3's:
Christmas 2007 (CD-zip)
Christmas 2007: Mellow Christmas
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Drake & Santa Jr.

National Christmas Center
(Paradise, PA)

Drake & Santa Jr. sitting on Santa's Chair in the Santa room.
Bird House / Feeder

Longwood Gardens
(Kennett Square, PA)

There is a tree at Longwood Gardens that has all sorts of bird feeders on it. Angie thought it would make a good back cover for the CD.
Buddy The Elf & Papa

East Harrisburg Mall
(East Harrisburg, PA)

There is a giant sand sculpture at this mall with a whole variety of images carved into it. This picture is of Buddy The Elf and Papa Elf from the movie 'Elf'.
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1Drake DumontChristmas Cheer / Rudolph1:27
2The Stephen Kummer TrioIt's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year3:37
3Lorie LineI Saw Three Ships2:15
4Lorie LineOh Come Little Children2:08
5Ed GerhardJoy To The World2:02
6National Christmas CenterChristmas Comes To Tudor Towne3:28
7Billy McLaughlinWhat Child Is This?4:48
8The Stephen Kummer TrioBaby It's Cold Outside3:53
9Vince Guaraldi TrioChristmas Time Is Here2:54
10Lorie LineThe Friendly Beasts2:36
11David LanzO Come All Ye Faithful4:40
12Jim BrickmanBethlehem2:19
13Steve HallHe Is Born (Il Est Ne)2:40
14Ed GerhardWhite Christmas4:31
15Peter KaterCarol Of The Drum (Little Drummer Boy)2:51
16Lorie LineDing Dong Merrily On High4:17
17Ed GerhardAway In A Manger3:44
18Steve HallDo You Hear What I Hear?3:06
19Jim BrickmanThe First Noel3:03
20Vince Guaraldi TrioThe Christmas Song3:13
21Ed GerhardThe Holly And The Ivy2:58
22Alex De GrassiAngels We Have Heard On High4:18
23Drake DumontMerry Christmas To One And All1:11